Happy Friday!

Have a Happy Halloween!

{Image via BHG.com}

Remember this cute gumball rug...

Now you can buy it here...

...or a square one...


Etsy Shop of the Week

I'm enjoying these organic, hand printed bags by artist Ashely Van Etten. They are a nice change from the traditional L.L.Bean tote bags...that I do have in every size and would like some more, but now maybe I'll replace with these great totes. You can find them at Ashley's shop Willowwaw, she also has pillows and hand printed note cards.


A delightful house...

I'm really enjoying this little house for sale, in Melbourne, that blog Desire To Inspire stalked...And make sure to email me if you liked to purchase this little number for me ;-)

Find more great photos here & here.
PS - Sorry for not being around lately, I think I'm finally back!


Happy Friday!

I love this DIY project...We always see glass bottles with the pourers used for dishwashing liquid, but I love how My Notting Hill used old soap pumps to repurpose pretty liquor bottles for her dishwashing liquid. Check out the easy directions here. I think a Gin & Tonic will be my choice of drink this weekend!

Another creative idea is to turn a vintage mason jar into a soap dispenser...

Or you can just purchase it from MidwestFind's etsy shop.

Have a great weekend! Doing a little work and then enjoying a bridal shower and bachelorette party for a very dear friend.


Lonny so Delightful

If you haven't already, you must start scanning the pages on Lonny's online magazine. I've just did a quick look through and love what I see so far, I'll hopefully be able to really scan the pages this evening. I also love of the cute illustrations done by Caitlin McGauley throughout the magazine. Make sure you to stop by Michelle Adams', creator and editor of Lonny Mag, blog MABelle for an introduction and images from the mag.

{images via Lonny & MABelle}