Project - Day 31

Can't believe it's the last day of March and hopefully very soon we'll be meeting our little guy! I'm so ready to see his little face! I thought it would be fitting to end the project with one last belly shot, it's gotten BIG!

Thanks for following along over the last month. I'm going to enjoy looking back over the photos in the future to see the little things in life we were doing before our son joined our little family.

Posting will probably be a little non-existent over the next month, but hopefully it won't take too long to get back in the routine. I'll definitely keep you posted on Jake's arrival.


Project - Day 30

I might not have mentioned, but after our house didn't sell and learning of the new addition to the family, we started on quite a few projects in the house to make it more livable. One of the projects was to turn our formal dining room into a den. We maybe used the room 3 times over the past 4 years and thought the space could be utilized much better. So, we embarked on selling the dining room set. Once that was sold, I needed a place to store all our formal china and serving pieces. My hubs created and built a wonderful storage solution for me, and last night I was finally able to unpack lots and lots of boxes that had been sitting in the corner of the room for months. Now we are finally getting to the point of being able to furnish the room! Took a few pictures of the madness from last night, so much packing paper!


Project - Day 29

Made tacos de bistec last night, very yummy!


Etsy Shop of the Week - Bath Style

Yes Please - Turkish Bath Towels!

Project - Days 25, 26, 27, & 28

My bell pepper with a baby pepper inside.
Just a few of the many boxes we took to the Salvation Army.
The little man is ready for the lake and beach this summer. Alice from Needleworks did a fantastic job on the towel!
Finished a few more things in Jake's room.
Rebecca and Lily visited for dinner last night.
And lastly, our dog was tired of waiting for me to make the bed, so I just had to make it around her. Yes, she is the large lump in the middle of the bed. Crazy dog!


Project - Day 24

Finished up thank you notes for the first baby shower.


The new items at West Elm our just delightful.


Project - Day 23

Spring Color Inspiration

Loving this color inspiration for Spring.
{via here}


Project - Day 22

Took a walk around the State Capitol {trying to walk this baby out}. Plus, I'm loving the warmer weather.

Etsy Shop of the Week - The Good Machinery

Loving these neon painted animals! Check out more here.


Project - Days 19, 20, 21

Just a little taste of our weekend. Didn't do too much, just lots of nesting.

{Belly shot for the family.}


Project - Day 18

Happy Friday!

The orange my husband cut for me.


Project - Day 17

I didn't get any pictures yesterday. However, we were able to check another 'getting ready for baby' item of the list. We visited with the pediatrics office we'll be taking our little one for potentially the next 21 years!

The picture I've included, I took this morning in my work cube (can't wait to get a break from cube world). It's a pin from a fantastic trip to Savannah, GA that I took last year for a dear friend's bachelorette party. That was such a fun weekend with lots of green everywhere. Hope everyone has a happy St. Patty's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

{image via here}


Project - Day 16

Sorry for the bad picture, but it's the only one I took yesterday. However, it does mark 3 weeks until baby (if he comes when he is supposed to). 37 week belly shot.

PS - Welcome to the world baby Cooper! Can't wait to meet you!

For all you Dads and Soon to be Dads



Project - Day 15

A dear friend keeps spoiling baby M with wonderful books!


Project - Day 14

The hubs and I we're both in nesting mode this weekend as we tackled the job of organizing and purging our closet. The hubs did a fantastic job installing a new shelving system in our closet, but then it was time to go through the piles of clothes. We successfully purged and organized our closet by Sunday evening! I've included a few pictures of the madness and our crazy dog in the middle of the chaos.

Delightful Nursery/Toddler Room

I'm really liking this nursery/toddler room. Isn't the red striped chair the best?!
{image via here}


Project - Day 13

Played around with my Silhouette SD machine a little bit and made this for a friend.

Project - Day 12

I had to get matching shoes.


Project - Day 11

I just had to get them. Little green boat shows!


Project - Day 10

This came to our house last night. I'm very excited about playing around with it this weekend.

A Laundry Room Makeover

Loving this laundry room make over by Birds of a Feather. Look at the floor! Pops of orange and green!

Love, love, love the pelmet box window treatment.

Check out some before pictures and more of the makeover here.


Etsy Shop of the Week - Drikc.B

It's been awhile since I did an etsy shop of the week post, but was browsing through my etsy favorites recently and ran across these bags. I think they would be perfect for spring, so I thought I'd share. Check out more of the great bags by Drika.B here.

{images via Drika.B}

Project - Day 9

Some flowers from our yard, makes me smile.


Project - Day 8

Little bits of heaven and just as easy to make as cookies with store bought cookie dough. There are only 3 ingredients involved...Nutella, eggs, and all purpose flour. The recipe includes a 4th ingredient (nuts or cinnamon), but I left that out. The recipe can be found here, you must try!