My Sister!

Have I ever told you how proud I am of my sister? Well, I am so proud of her. She is doing something that I don't think I could ever do. She's living in Mexico (about to make her 3rd move in a year) and is working at well sites (the newest assignment is going to be at an offshore well). The image below shows her progression through Mexico, she's close to making it to Cancun! You must check out her blog as she journals the experiences she's had while living and working in Mexico. Oh and by the way, she's the one taller then everyone else in all the pictures!

Love you and miss you lots Sarah a.k.a Sarita!


Have a nice weekend!

I'm not sure Georgia would let us do this with her. I've heard chocolate labs are too stubborn to be service dogs.

Happy Friday!

Etsy Shop of the Week - Real Butterfly Gifts

With the talk of color this week, I wanted to share these vibrant bugs that would make a great accessories in any room. They would bring just the right about of color into a neutral tone room. Make sure you check out the many more colorful bugs they have here. Yes, I actually like these bugs...they aren't moving!


Enjoying Bright Colors

I really enjoyed the house tour of Amie Corely on Design*Sponge yesterday. I enjoy seeing all the white rooms out there in design world, but my heart will always lean toward color. In my own house I have no white rooms and I don't think I ever will. Are you for color? Do you like colors on the wall or in the furniture and accessories of a room or both?



I really just love everything about this image.
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Nursery Inspiration

{images via here & here}

I've been doing a lot of searching for nursery inspiration. Not only because all my friends, at least it seems like all my friends, are pregnant right now, but we are also expecting! Our little lady or man is due April 5, 2011. Times they are a changing!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We'll be cheering on NC State against Virginia Tech all day Saturday, Go Pack!