Creative Way to Hide a Ugly Glass Shower Door

I love this idea by KDF Designs. What a creative way to hide not only an ugly glass shower door, but also the shower. Check out her how to tips here.

{images via kdf designs}


Happy Friday!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'll be watching my baby sister (the one on the left) graduate from the best school ever and celebrating an early Christmas with my family!


Nursery Wall Inspiration

It is such a yucky day here in NC, that I needed something bright and cheery. These yellow nursery walls hit the spot. I hope they brighten your day a little bit too!

{images by kfd designs}


Weekend Project

So, I mentioned on Friday that we started some projects around the house. Well, one if them was to add a bookcase to the end of our kitchen cabinets and re-face part of the cabinets. My husband did and amazing job, I'm so proud if him! It's still a work in progress, but I couldn't wait to share.

Please excuse the iPhone pictures and the messy kitchen. I was unpacking as the hubs was working. Now just need to prime, paint, and pick out our new countertops! Deciding to get new countertops is why we decided to build the bookcase. I have wanted new countertops for a long time, so excited! Hopefully well have some completed pictures soon.


An Early Christmas Present!

My sister was able to come home for Thanksgiving and she brought along my Christmas present from Mexico. I was beyond excited when she pulled these out of her bags...

I was immediately in L-O-V-E!!!! I didn't get to keep all of them, but that's ok. I decided on the first one, the vibrant blue, because it goes with the color scheme in my house. It was a tough decision though! She also gave my aunt a table runner. She might have to pick up one those for me next time she's in Mexico City.

THANK YOU SO MUCH SARAH! We'll miss you at Christmas! Love you!


It's Friday!

Sorry for the lack of post over the last two weeks. Life has been busy, but good. We've spent time with family, started unpacking our house that didn't sell (we're ok with that), started clearing out the room that will be the nursery, and many other house projects. We'll be doing some traveling to visit friends who just had a sweet baby boy and hopefully finish Christmas shopping this weekend! I hope you find time to relax during this crazy, but wonderful time of the year!

The pictures below our a few shots of the little bit of decorating we've done. I'm not thinking much more of the house will get decorated at this point.