Few More Outdoors

I'm leaving you with a few more outdoor spaces...

{images via here}

Be back in a week!


More Outdoors

Mexico in 2 days! I'm very ready to be outside all day long without freezing my butt off. I'm really enjoying the after picture of this porch. It makes me relaxed just looking at it and gets me in the mood for Mexico...do you see the Corona?!


Delightful Outside Room

I'm leaving for Mexico in 3 days and so excited! I know that when I get back spring fever is going to kick-in full force. It would be incredible to have a outdoor room like the one pictured, I think I would have to start using the room even before it started getting warm again. The room doesn't even look like you're outdoors.
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Sorry I've been a little MIA, but I've been a little preoccupied...

So in a week I'm going here...
I much needed vacation to Mexico with my hubby and great friends.

We've decided to put our house on the market! We're hoping to have it ready to go by the time we leave for our trip...that's a week away...ahhh!



I think using old lockers as kitchen storage is a great idea and even more clever that it's built into the wall. Check out more pictures of this kitchen remodel here.

Delightfully Colorful

These colorful votives make my happy on a blah day. Check out all the beautiful colors at glassybaby.


Delightful Bedroom

I love the rich deep colored walls, the light airy painted bed, the creamy linens.
{image via House Beautiful}