Creative Way to Hide a Ugly Glass Shower Door

I love this idea by KDF Designs. What a creative way to hide not only an ugly glass shower door, but also the shower. Check out her how to tips here.

{images via kdf designs}


Happy Friday!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'll be watching my baby sister (the one on the left) graduate from the best school ever and celebrating an early Christmas with my family!


Nursery Wall Inspiration

It is such a yucky day here in NC, that I needed something bright and cheery. These yellow nursery walls hit the spot. I hope they brighten your day a little bit too!

{images by kfd designs}


Weekend Project

So, I mentioned on Friday that we started some projects around the house. Well, one if them was to add a bookcase to the end of our kitchen cabinets and re-face part of the cabinets. My husband did and amazing job, I'm so proud if him! It's still a work in progress, but I couldn't wait to share.

Please excuse the iPhone pictures and the messy kitchen. I was unpacking as the hubs was working. Now just need to prime, paint, and pick out our new countertops! Deciding to get new countertops is why we decided to build the bookcase. I have wanted new countertops for a long time, so excited! Hopefully well have some completed pictures soon.


An Early Christmas Present!

My sister was able to come home for Thanksgiving and she brought along my Christmas present from Mexico. I was beyond excited when she pulled these out of her bags...

I was immediately in L-O-V-E!!!! I didn't get to keep all of them, but that's ok. I decided on the first one, the vibrant blue, because it goes with the color scheme in my house. It was a tough decision though! She also gave my aunt a table runner. She might have to pick up one those for me next time she's in Mexico City.

THANK YOU SO MUCH SARAH! We'll miss you at Christmas! Love you!


It's Friday!

Sorry for the lack of post over the last two weeks. Life has been busy, but good. We've spent time with family, started unpacking our house that didn't sell (we're ok with that), started clearing out the room that will be the nursery, and many other house projects. We'll be doing some traveling to visit friends who just had a sweet baby boy and hopefully finish Christmas shopping this weekend! I hope you find time to relax during this crazy, but wonderful time of the year!

The pictures below our a few shots of the little bit of decorating we've done. I'm not thinking much more of the house will get decorated at this point.


Happy Friday!

Sorry for the delay, but just wanted to let everyone know we are having a little BOY!!! We found out Wednesday and he's doing wonderful. Can't believe I'm half way there!

I picked the blabla up in Savannah a couple weeks ago from The Paris Market. First gift for our little baby boy!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Nursery Item

I little something I just picked up for the nursery over at One Kings Lane today!
(email me at lizzie61105(at)gmail.com if you would like an invite to join)


More Nursery Fabric Ideas

I'm definitely much more of a purple girl then a pink girl. So, if we have a little girl, you'll probably see purple in the nursery!

{All Fabrics via Here}
In less than a week, we'll know what baby M is!
Happy Friday!


To Do - Raleigh

If you are ever looking for something to do in Raleigh, I highly recommend Wine & Design. You sign-up for one of the sessions (each with a different theme) and then you bring your "beverage" of choice to enjoy while painting a masterpiece. No artistic ability needed. I've attended two sessions. First, Lauren and I painted our lovely pups, and then a fun group of girls got together to paint the NC State Belltower. It's a must do if you are ever in Raleigh, NC.

Go to http://www.wineanddesignnc.com/ to sign-up for a session!


Nursery Fabric Inspiration

A few fabrics I'll be considering for a nursery...

I'll more likely use some of these fabrics if we have a little boy, but girl or boy there will be green in the room. We find out in two weeks if we'll be adding a little boy or girl to the family! Then I'll be able to start ordering some fabric samples. I am so excited about decorating a nursery! All these fabrics are from L&S Fabric.
Maybe I'll do a little fabric count down to the big day...stay tuned.


Wish List - Nursery

I would like one of these...



My Sister!

Have I ever told you how proud I am of my sister? Well, I am so proud of her. She is doing something that I don't think I could ever do. She's living in Mexico (about to make her 3rd move in a year) and is working at well sites (the newest assignment is going to be at an offshore well). The image below shows her progression through Mexico, she's close to making it to Cancun! You must check out her blog as she journals the experiences she's had while living and working in Mexico. Oh and by the way, she's the one taller then everyone else in all the pictures!

Love you and miss you lots Sarah a.k.a Sarita!


Have a nice weekend!

I'm not sure Georgia would let us do this with her. I've heard chocolate labs are too stubborn to be service dogs.

Happy Friday!

Etsy Shop of the Week - Real Butterfly Gifts

With the talk of color this week, I wanted to share these vibrant bugs that would make a great accessories in any room. They would bring just the right about of color into a neutral tone room. Make sure you check out the many more colorful bugs they have here. Yes, I actually like these bugs...they aren't moving!


Enjoying Bright Colors

I really enjoyed the house tour of Amie Corely on Design*Sponge yesterday. I enjoy seeing all the white rooms out there in design world, but my heart will always lean toward color. In my own house I have no white rooms and I don't think I ever will. Are you for color? Do you like colors on the wall or in the furniture and accessories of a room or both?



I really just love everything about this image.
{via here}


Nursery Inspiration

{images via here & here}

I've been doing a lot of searching for nursery inspiration. Not only because all my friends, at least it seems like all my friends, are pregnant right now, but we are also expecting! Our little lady or man is due April 5, 2011. Times they are a changing!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We'll be cheering on NC State against Virginia Tech all day Saturday, Go Pack!


Yes I could and I did

I definitely murdered a biscuit or two this weekend...it had been a while.
Loving all the fun plates by James Ward Designs on etsy.


It's Friday!

I'm so glad it's Friday, but not so glad I'm in the office.
The Wolfpack had an amazing win last night against Cincinnati, but I'm paying for it now. It was military appreciation night and they did some amazing things for our Troops. First, we had a fly over, it gives me goosebumps every time. Second, they did a card trick after the first quarter that spelled out 'Thank You Troops', it looked so cool! Third, at halftime they had bag pipers play Amazing Grace, beautiful. Then they covered the entire field with an American Flag, and then 4 paratroopers landed in the stadium. It was such a wonderful night and a great way to say thank you to all the men and women who protect our country. Oh, and because it was on ESPN my sister was able to watch it in Mexico!

We're off to High Point tomorrow for a wedding and then I hope to relax and do some more Rue reading. I must say I like what I see so far. I'm really in love with this bedroom.

Hey Sarah, Can you get me one of this bed spreads while you're in Mexico?! Any color will do.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Ikea Kitchen - Really?!

Can you believe this is an Ikea kitchen, a Southern Living Ikea kitchen at late?! Isn't it beautiful. Read more and see more about it here and here.


How fabulous are these wedding shoes!?! I've been seeing peacock everywhere recently and I love it. I've always been drawn to rich colors and the peacocks have the most amazing rich jewel tons. Who wouldn't love the rich turquoise or greens?

Check out more of the wedding photos here. I came across the site because my good friend Brooke had her engagement shouts done by this couple, and I cannot wait to see them. I know they will be fabulous!


Delightful Mini Kitchen

I'm really enjoying this mini kitchen that was posted on Design*Sponge yesterday. I'm loving the green and blue, of course, and the mini industrial range. Also, the tile that's not only the back splash, but the counter too. Oh, and the blue painted in the cabinets. There really isn't much I don't like about this kitchen.

The rest of the house is also just as delightful, check it out here.