Pumpkin Picking

I'm a slacker, at least a blog slacker!  We had a great summer, but it was busy busy, putting blogging at the bottom of the list.  We'll see if I can get back into some type of blogging routine.

I'm just going to pick up on our current activities, it would be way to long of a post to cover the fun of summer.

We've finally been enjoying some cooler fall weather here in central NC.  It's been great for tailgating, football games, bonfires, going to the park, and picking pumpkins!  We have a little strawberry field across from our neighborhood and this year they also grew a pumpkin patch!  So, yesterday we took a little outing across the road to find the perfect pumpkin, and we found it!  It's giant, the biggest pumpkin I've ever had!  Jake had a great time running up and down the rows pointing at all the pumpkins.  It was a delightful time with my little family!