A little more 'window' shopping

So, every little girl needs some fabulous shoes to go with her hair accessories, right? Too cute ity bity shoes from etsy.com seller Gracious May.


I can still 'window' shop

I can still 'window' shop for little girls.  I'm really loving these little bows and bits from etsy.com seller Lou and Lee.


Another Addiction

Another addiction I had, while nursing, was the Houzz.com app.  Just a few images I saved to my ideabooks.

family room contemporary family room

Guest Bedroom  bedroom

Study modern living room

Mediterranean mediterranean bedroom


Five Months!

My sweet baby boy is five months old today!  I really can't believe it, he's one month away from being half a year old!  I'm truly enjoying ever moment, including the sleep fighting and beginning stages of teething.  My baby is rolling around everywhere (tummy to back and back to tummy), he's sitting up for short spurts, eating rice cereal like a champ, smiling and giggling all the time, finally napping, and is just such a joy.  A few of my favorite pictures from the past month...

(We didn't like the sweet potatoes!)



Some of the kid items I'm currently eyeing on etsy...

Cute personalized onesies from here.

A very stylish diaper clutch from here.

A boo-boo bear from here.

Football beanie, but in red and white from here.


Happy Friday!

We enjoyed a nice low country boil dinner on the porch last night. I so love that the evenings are finally getting cooler. After the extremely hot summer, I'm really looking forward to fall.

We had a nice dinner last night instead of tonight because we of course have to get ready for football tomorrow!

Oh, and Jake is having his first play date with a cute little girl!

Hope you have a happy Friday and great holiday weekend!


It's Finally That Time of Year!

College football starts in 2 days and I'm so excited! I've started preparing...