Well, not really, but here in central NC we take what we can get!  We had a few snow days over the weekend and enjoyed playing in it.

We, also, did some snow crafts while we waited for it to stop sleeting snowing.

It would be nice to have one good snow this winter, but I would be ok if it just stayed in the upper 60s or low 70s too (it's 69 degrees today)!


Bits of the week via the iPhone

Tantrum while running errands
Yummy Treat
Playing with new neon vinyl
Mr. Grumps
Soup making

Have a happy weekend!


Etsy Shop of the Week - Avril Loreti Modern Home

I'm loving the colors and playfulness of these tea towels.  They would make a super cute hostess gift! See more products by etsy seller Avril Loreti Modern Home here.

{images via etsy shop Avril Loreti Modern Home}


House Projects

One reason I haven't been blogging much, is the fact I've been working on personalizing our new home.  We moved the beginning of June 2012 and have been slowing making updates.  My updates have had to be small and cheap because we don't really have much of a budget for updating/renovating.  I'm ok with little to no budget, because we have been blessed with a house that hopefully we will be in for a long long time.  Also, it has made me get crafty and creative using what we already have.  For example, I recently painted the inside of our front door black.  We had black paint and I've been spotting on pinterest people painting their interior doors black or dark gray, I liked it, so I tried it.  I'm pleased with the out come and it cost me nothing, but a little time.  Here's a little peek...

I think it adds a little character to an otherwise builder grade house.  It still amazes me how a little paint can transform something.  I hope to share some more of the rooms I've painted since moving in, so stay tuned.


He loves being outside

I am so thankful for a child that loves being outside!  He loves playing in the dirt, hiking through the woods, sliding, picking flowers, drawing with sidewalk chalk, blowing bubbles, mowing. I look forward to the many adventures will have exploring the great outdoors.

A few pictures from the last couple weeks (so happy about the mild winter so far)...


Christmas recap a little late!

Tried not to bombard you with too many pictures from Christmas, but man did I take a lot of photos!

Christmas Round 1 - Canton, NC 

Christmas Eve - Cary, NC/Raleigh, NC

Christmas Round 2 - Raleigh, NC - Santa Came!

Christmas Round 3 - One very blessed little boy!

Christmas Round 4 - High Point, NC 

New Years Eve - Topsail Island, NC

Jake was a blessed little boy getting to open present 5 times (he was just spoiled a lot little)! It was a crazy couple weeks, but we were very blessed to have a lot of time celebrating with family and friends.

I hope 2013 is treating your right so far!