A little DIY

My baby is actually napping! So, I made a couple bracelets with some bead and string I had laying around. I think I'm going to have to go get some more string so I can make some friendship bracelets too.


A Baby Shower

We helped host a baby shower for some very special friends over the weekend. It was such a special time celebrating with our friends on the upcoming arrival of their son!

As you can see from the photos, I had a blast making decorations. It was the first time I was really able to test what my Silhouette SD machine could do. All the decorations were also a result of searching the web while a nursed my little one. I made the banner, diaper wreath, painted onesies, and the monogram on the ice bucket (beach bucket).

(sorry, only picture I got of the food table - we did a mini burger bar)


Four Months!

I can't believe my little guy turned four months yesterday! It's amazing how he has developed from a newborn to a little baby over the last month. It seems like he is hitting new milestones everyday...smiling, giggling, rolling all over the place, grabbing items and putting them in his month, the list goes on and on. We're venturing on trying to hit another milestone this week...rice cereal! I really can't believe he's big enough to begin eating solid foods! I love this little guy so much!


Happy Friday!

Very tired today, little man has decided he doesn't like sleeping. Pushing through it to clean, craft, and decorate for dear friends baby shower were having at our house tomorrow. Can't wait to see everyone and especially preggers!

A snippet of some of the crafts/decorations. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


An Addiction

I have an addiction to Pinterest! So, my iphone has been a life saver through the many hours of nursing. With those many hours on my iphone came a few addictions. One of those addiction came about when Pinterest came out with an app. I've probably spent hours browsing through pins. You can check out all my pins here, but I'm also sharing few of my favorite party inspiration pins...


I've finally gotten excited about posting again. I'm slowing going to start getting back into it this week.

I've also included a few iPhone pictures from this past week at the beach. Life has truly been good.