Life: Charleston, SC

Life has been busy busy, but it's been a good busy.  One thing we did was visit Charleston, SC.  The hubs had a work conference in Charleston, and Jake and I decided to tag along.  We had a great trip, but I will say staying in a hotel room with an active baby is tough!

We were able to go to the SC Aquarium as a family before the hubs' conference started.  Jake seemed to like everything.  We skipped his morning nap, so he was a little out of it while we were there {as you can see in the pictures}.

Most of the time Jake and I just walked around Charleston.  We visited the Market, did a little King St. shopping, and enjoyed time a Citadel Park.

We can't wait to go back to Charleston again!


Happy Friday & Etsy Shop of the Week - Love Sexton

These would be supper fun for this summer.  The colors are just incredible! Check out of the colors and styles at etsy shop Love Sexton.

{image via Love Sexton etsy shop}


Jake's Birthday: The Party - Part Two

A few of the party details...

The theme was All About Jake.  With the help of my mom and sister, we cut out Jake heads and stuck them all over the house, I think there were around 26 Jake heads!  Don't you love the little hats my mom and sister made for the Jake heads!  Balloons lined the parameter of the yard. I had the hubs make sand and water stations for the kids to play in.  We recently received a kiddie pool from our neighbors and we turned that into a ball pit.  I made a simple birthday banner and a banner with Jake's monthly photos.  It was so fun putting everything together!


Jake's Birthday: The Party - Part One

Jake's birthday party was a blast!  It was so much fun coming up with ideas for the party...pinning started right after he was born for this big day.  This past month has been crazy, but I was able to pull off most of the stuff I wanted to do with much needed help from family.  It was such a fun day being surrounded by family and great friends. Lots of pictures...

 Cousin Love

 I'll take that, I'm the birthday boy!

 A whole bag of veggie straws, just for me!

 I'll cry if I want to!

 I love cake!


 Thanks for all the presents!

Fun was had by all!

The Party - Part 2 coming soon.  Just some of the party details.


Jake's Birthday & Easter {A little late}

Jake's actual birthday was Easter weekend this year and that's one of the reasons we waited to have his party until this past weekend (pictures to come soon).  It was quite a weekend! We headed up to the hubs' parents house for the fun filled weekend.  Saturday, Jake's birthday, started off with a brunch, followed by meet the Easter Bunny, an Easter egg hunt, fun with balloons, and finally cake time.  Saying he loved the cake would probably be an understatement! Sunday was a day of celebrating Jesus, Jake being visited by the Easter Bunny, and more yummy food.  Here's a glimpse at Jake's first birthday weekend.

It was a great weekend!  The hubs and I are truly blessed!