Etsy Shop of the Week - TWOEMS

So vibrant and whimsical!  I really love these prints {it was hard deciding which once to post}! Check out all the great prints at etsy shop twoems.

{images via twoems shop}


Happy Friday!

We've been enjoying the delightful weather!


A Few Things

One:  I made this cake last night.  It was super yummy and so easy to make!

Two:  Someone is now climbing!

Three:  Really enjoyed this article on "A new generation of women who are redefining the Southern Belle".


Party Inspiration

My baby boy will be ONE in about a month and a half!!! Where has this year gone!?

So, I've been doing some party inspiration collecting.  Here are a few inspiring images/ideas that might show up at Jake's first birthday.

{All images here}


Etsy Shop of the Week - On Foot

Loving these itty bitty moccasins! From etsy shop On Foot.

{images via On Foot}

Happy Friday Everyone!


Craft Time - No Mess Painting

Finger painting seems to be one of the only crafts Jake can do right now, but it's just so messy.  Recently, I wanted to do something with Jake, but I didn't want to deal with the mess and fingers with paint going into the mouth.  That's when I thought about putting the paints inside a plastic bag, hence, 'No Mess Painting'.  See instructions below. 
One: You'll need paper (I used white card stock), craft paint, painters tap, large ziplock bag, scissors, and a cute baby
Two: Insert paper into plastic bag.  Put dots of paint on paper. Seal the bag, remove most of air.  Tape bag to a table.

Three: Let baby have fun mashing paint around.  Take some pictures!
Four:  Remove baby.  Remove painters tap.  
Five: Cut the the bottom and side of the plastic bag to remove painting.  Let dry.

Finally, make the painting into something or just leave it be.  I turned Jake's painting into a Valentine.  {You could also save the plastic bag and make something to put in the window.}

Jake really enjoyed it and I look forward to making some Easter eggs soon!


Our Evening

I've mentioned before that the Hubs and I do a special dinner-in for Valentine's Day instead of going out, and this year was no different.  We did switch up the location, normally dinner is served at the kitchen table, but this year we had a cozy meal by the fire on the floor.  It was a special evening spent with the most special person in my life!

Menu: Cheese Fondue with roasted broccoli & asparagus, rosemary bread, marinated steak and chicken, and cherry tomatoes (I went a little overboard). Dessert was S'mores with homemade beer marshmallows.  It was all a great success ;-).

And what most of my reader's want to hear about... 

Jake also had a nice Valentine's dinner.  It was a first, spaghetti {and cottage cheese - not a first}!  He wasn't a big fan, a think the noodles and neckedness jammed him up a little bit.


Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Here are a few images from the 'boy' Valentine's party we hosted last week.

We made Valentine's with the kids.  They should have some happy Grandparents today!

And trying to take Jake's 10 month photo after partying all day. {Can you believe my baby is 10 months!}


An Orange

My sweet baby eating his first orange...

He loved it! Can you tell when I took the peel away from him?!


First Valentine

Jake received his first Valentine yesterday, isn't it so cute...

Jake and I hosted a little Valentine's party yesterday for a few of our good friends.  It was so fun doing some little crafts with the boys.  I'll post some more pictures next week because you can't see one of the crafts until Valentine's Day {a few special people will be getting something special in the mail}.


Happy Friday & Craft Time

Got a little crafty yesterday and painted a onesie for Jake.  He needed something to wear for Valentine's Day.

{I used my Silhouette machine to create a stencil and then just used some craft paint and a onesie I already had}

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  I'll be celebrating a dear friends 30th and maybe I'll watch the Super Bowl (not a big fan of the Giants or Patriots).