Craft Time - No Mess Painting

Finger painting seems to be one of the only crafts Jake can do right now, but it's just so messy.  Recently, I wanted to do something with Jake, but I didn't want to deal with the mess and fingers with paint going into the mouth.  That's when I thought about putting the paints inside a plastic bag, hence, 'No Mess Painting'.  See instructions below. 
One: You'll need paper (I used white card stock), craft paint, painters tap, large ziplock bag, scissors, and a cute baby
Two: Insert paper into plastic bag.  Put dots of paint on paper. Seal the bag, remove most of air.  Tape bag to a table.

Three: Let baby have fun mashing paint around.  Take some pictures!
Four:  Remove baby.  Remove painters tap.  
Five: Cut the the bottom and side of the plastic bag to remove painting.  Let dry.

Finally, make the painting into something or just leave it be.  I turned Jake's painting into a Valentine.  {You could also save the plastic bag and make something to put in the window.}

Jake really enjoyed it and I look forward to making some Easter eggs soon!

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  1. So cute! I love that you turned it into a valentine!