Our Evening

I've mentioned before that the Hubs and I do a special dinner-in for Valentine's Day instead of going out, and this year was no different.  We did switch up the location, normally dinner is served at the kitchen table, but this year we had a cozy meal by the fire on the floor.  It was a special evening spent with the most special person in my life!

Menu: Cheese Fondue with roasted broccoli & asparagus, rosemary bread, marinated steak and chicken, and cherry tomatoes (I went a little overboard). Dessert was S'mores with homemade beer marshmallows.  It was all a great success ;-).

And what most of my reader's want to hear about... 

Jake also had a nice Valentine's dinner.  It was a first, spaghetti {and cottage cheese - not a first}!  He wasn't a big fan, a think the noodles and neckedness jammed him up a little bit.

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