Happy Friday!

Sorry for the delay, but just wanted to let everyone know we are having a little BOY!!! We found out Wednesday and he's doing wonderful. Can't believe I'm half way there!

I picked the blabla up in Savannah a couple weeks ago from The Paris Market. First gift for our little baby boy!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Nursery Item

I little something I just picked up for the nursery over at One Kings Lane today!
(email me at lizzie61105(at)gmail.com if you would like an invite to join)


More Nursery Fabric Ideas

I'm definitely much more of a purple girl then a pink girl. So, if we have a little girl, you'll probably see purple in the nursery!

{All Fabrics via Here}
In less than a week, we'll know what baby M is!
Happy Friday!


To Do - Raleigh

If you are ever looking for something to do in Raleigh, I highly recommend Wine & Design. You sign-up for one of the sessions (each with a different theme) and then you bring your "beverage" of choice to enjoy while painting a masterpiece. No artistic ability needed. I've attended two sessions. First, Lauren and I painted our lovely pups, and then a fun group of girls got together to paint the NC State Belltower. It's a must do if you are ever in Raleigh, NC.

Go to http://www.wineanddesignnc.com/ to sign-up for a session!


Nursery Fabric Inspiration

A few fabrics I'll be considering for a nursery...

I'll more likely use some of these fabrics if we have a little boy, but girl or boy there will be green in the room. We find out in two weeks if we'll be adding a little boy or girl to the family! Then I'll be able to start ordering some fabric samples. I am so excited about decorating a nursery! All these fabrics are from L&S Fabric.
Maybe I'll do a little fabric count down to the big day...stay tuned.


Wish List - Nursery

I would like one of these...