Happy Friday!

A couple things...

I love these...Supergoop Sunscreen Swipes!  I keep them in my purse or Jake's diaper bag for last minute trips to the park.
Speaking of last minute trips to the park, we went last night while our house was being shown.  Love those three lots!

Have a great weekend!


Before & After: The Laundry Room

Here are some before and afters of the recent laundry room update we did.  Our laundry room was pretty gross!  The previous owners kept their cat in this room, so there was this layer of yuck that I could never get rid of. So, after 5+ years of living with a gross laundry room, we finally made some updates.  The hubs tiled the floor {it was his first tile project} and he did a fantastic job!  I don't have a before of the floor, but it was the shag carpet you see in the hallway.  I painted and we added new shelving from Ikea.  I don't mind doing laundry in there now!

Yes, I have it jammed pack full of stuff!


Etsy Shop of the Week - reFORMED

Wouldn't these be great in a nursery?!  They also do custom orders.  Check all their products out at their etsy shop reFormed Custom ArtCubes + Accessories.

{All images via reFormed etsy shop}


March Photo a Day

So, here is most of March's Photo a Day pics (new to old).  Sorry, it's a long post and maybe a little boring.

Day 26: Key {We have a lock box on our door!  Yes, we've put our house on the market, again!  The reason for being MIA from the blog}

Day 25: Breakfast {Jake loves his waffles in the morning}

Day 24: Animal {She doesn't think she's an animal}

Day 23: Moon {Do you see it...it's starting too early}

Day 22: Kitchen Sink {Yellow rubber gloves and bottles drying, an everyday occurrence}

Day 21: Delicious {Tacos!}

Day 20: Before/After {Our laundry room after the update...maybe I'll post some more befores and afters one day}

Day 19: Funny {Aunt Becca is so funny}

Day 18: Corner of Your Home {That's our liquor cabinet}

Day 17: Green {My sweet baby boy really started walking on St. Patty's Day}

Day 16: Sunglasses {Cool Dude}

Day 15: Car {The Jeep...getting close to 200k miles!}

Day 14: Clouds {Beautiful Day}

Day 13: A Sign {Go Pack}

Day 12: Fork {Eating a yummy salad}

Day 11: Someone You Talked to Today {Jakey, Georgia, and Aunt Becca}

Day 10: Loud {Mommy and Daddy were loud watching the State/UNC game}

*All pictures via my iphone and instagram


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

{image via my instagram}


Fun Week & Happy Friday!

I would say Jake had quite the week!  We started with the park on Monday with Aunt Becca, then Pullen Park with new and old friends Wednesday, more outside fun at home Thursday, and a visit with Grandpa and Grammy this afternoon!  Then it's off to birthday parties, baby showers, and St. Patty's day parties this weekend!

The gang at Pullen Park

First locopop!  He was suppose to be sharing with his momma, but I didn't get any.

Outdoor fun at home!

Happy Friday and Go Wolfpack!


Etsy Shop of the Week - Missibaba

Loving these graphic bags from etsy shop missibaba...would be great for the pool or beach!

{all images via etsy shop missibaba}


A trip to the park

We took a trip to the park yesterday.

He loved the swing, it was his first time.

Went down the slide.

Walked around.

Melted down, he did not want to put his shoe back on (he's a little obsessed with his shoes and just wants to hold them). 

Ate veggie straws.

We are loving the warm weather, bring on spring!


March Photo a Day & Happy Friday

Day 8: Window {loving glimpses of spring}


March Photo a Day

Day 6: 5pm {Meltdown time - Just keeping it real}

Day 7: Something You Wore {Something Jake did not wear}