Bits of the Week via the iPhone

Snow & Trucks!
Naptime in the hallway
Not going to look at you
Chillin' in my friends chair
All the clothes from my dresser


Etsy Shop of the Week - the little gentleman's closet

I do love a good bow tie!  The men in my life don't generally have a good excuse to wear one, but the littlest of the men may get the chance to wear one this summer.  Loving all the bow ties in etsy shop the little gentleman's closet.


Real Snow!

Jake got to experience some real snow this weekend during a 30 minute blizzard!

It melted the next day!.


Bits of the Week via the iPhone

Meeting Dixie
Chillin' in Christmas Jammies
Sand Play
Loves Swinging
Roses from the hubs!
Homemade Fried Chicken - Yum!


Around the House: Guest/Kid Bathroom

Finally, posting a little bit about making our house our home.

First up, the guest/kid bathroom upstairs.  A few weeks ago I was finally able to put some paint on the walls (BM: Gray Owl), and I think it freshens the room right up.



The previous owners were nice and update some of the hardware in the bathroom, so one less thing we have to do/purchase.  Most of the fixtures in the house are the original builder grade stuff - not my 
favorite!  I did buy a new shower curtain (Target) and put some artwork up (my grandmother painted the canvases/plate from anthropologie/small painting from etsy).  What's left to do:

Soon: Paint the cabinets

Someday: Replace the light fixture and faucets


DIY Headboard Update

The DIY headboard in my sisters bedroom.


Bits of the Week via the iPhone

Afternoon Fire
Crock-pot Chicken
Rainbow of Monograms


Etsy Shop of the Week - Little Hip Squeaks

What a great baby shower gift?!  I think the colors and patterns are so fun and cheery.  I love that you can personalized the blankets.  Check out more fun items at etsy shop Little Hip Squeaks!


Valentine Decorations

I don't decorate for every holiday, but Valentine's Day is one of the holidays I do enjoy putting some decorations up.  I don't know why, maybe it's being able to be a little more girly (I'm not normally too girly when it comes to decorating).  Maybe it's because I have special people in my life that I love dearly.  Anyway, here are a few snippets of the simple decorations.

PS - They are all handmade decorations.


A little DIYing this weekend...

My sister moved into her first post-college place a few months ago and she's been gradually making it feel like a home.  It being her first place, means a tight budget and some DIY projects.  She commissioned her brother-in-law (aka the hubs) and me to make her a headboard and we finished it this weekend!

The hubs created the design and cut the wood...

And I upholstered it, with a little help from my sister...

I thought it turned out pretty good for it being my first headboard.  Let's just say the sister better enjoy it!

It still needs to be transported to my sister's place and I'll get a few pictures of it installed.  So, stayed tuned for more pics.


Bits of the Week via the iPhone

Chillin' with Dad
Mom's a scary driver!
Watch out! New cart driver!
Making Stuff
Getting too big!