A little DIYing this weekend...

My sister moved into her first post-college place a few months ago and she's been gradually making it feel like a home.  It being her first place, means a tight budget and some DIY projects.  She commissioned her brother-in-law (aka the hubs) and me to make her a headboard and we finished it this weekend!

The hubs created the design and cut the wood...

And I upholstered it, with a little help from my sister...

I thought it turned out pretty good for it being my first headboard.  Let's just say the sister better enjoy it!

It still needs to be transported to my sister's place and I'll get a few pictures of it installed.  So, stayed tuned for more pics.

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  1. LOVE this! The design & fabric look great! We're thinking of tackling a similar project at our house soon too... Can't wait to see pictures of it installed!