Delightful Herbs

I wasn't going to plant an herb garden until we moved, but obviously things changed. Not knowing when we would now move, I decided that I need to plant a little herb garden. I went to Lowe's to pick up some other items and browsed the herbs. I discovered to herbs I've never seen or planted before. They are culantro and greek basil, so what are they...

Culantro (eryngium foetidum) - It's an herb that is typically used in the Caribbean. I plan on using it as a substitute for cilantro {I couldn't find a cilantro plant}. Culantro smells and taste a lot like cilantro, but much stronger, so you don't need to use as much. I've very excited to use it because I love cilantro. In the second picture the culantro is the bottom left plant with the larger leaves.

Greek Basil or Spicy Globe Basil (Ocimum basilicum)- It's a small leaf bush variety of basil and you can use it just as you would sweet basil. I like how the small leaves won't overtake the rest of the herbs. In the past my basil plants tend to take over.
The last herb is thyme (bottom right). Have you ever used culantro or greek basil? What did you think?


I'm finally getting one!

I'm finally getting an iPhone! It's coming this week and I need app suggestions. What are your favorite apps?


Bathroom Before & After

{images via raenovate}

I think this is a great bathroom makeover. A lot of the houses that we are looking at have similar bathrooms, generic builder blah. I'm always trying to think of inexpensive ways to update and bring character to these types of bathrooms. I always new I would probably have to paint the cabinetry, but never thought of removing the drawers and doors. I love how they brought in a fun fabric to liven things up. Then just update the lights, mirrors and faucets and you have a builder basic bathroom with some character.


I guess it's a dog week

I love these vibrant dog dishes!!! I think Georgia will be getting some of these. Much better then the boring stainless steal dishes. The dishes are by Bauer Pottery Company and they have even more fabulous colors on their website. I'm thinking Federal Blue.


Etsy Shop of the Week - Pecan Pie Puppies

I think Georgia Peach needs one of the adorable collars! Now, which one do I choose? Maybe one of each? What do you think? Check out more of these adorable collars here.


Lonny Love

This is my Lonny love image from the latest issue...

What's your Lonny love image from the current issue?


Happy Anniversay to the Man of my Dreams!

Thank you for FIVE wonderful years of marriage! I love you so much!


Etsy Shop of the Week - Danielle Hensley

I think these ribbon belts our so fun, preppy and colorful! Check them out at Danielle Hensley's etsy shop.



Sorry I haven't been around much. Last week was a rough week for me. Tomorrow was supposed to be our big close date on our current and the new house. Well, early last week we found out that our close date would have to be pushed back b/c the funding for the type of loan our buyer had been approved for ran out of money. It was a federal loan. The government did approve me funds for the organization and we were just waiting for the timeline of when the funds would be available. A few days later they started excepting applications again. The buyer had to have a new credit report run b/c his originally report had expired. He made a few errors along the way and got some really bad advice and missed the credit score cut off by 3 points! The loan was denied! So he couldn't buy our house and we couldn't buy the new house. We are back to square one, the house is officially back on the market. It's been hard, but we're moving forward and know that something great is out there for us. Now just have to have a little bit of patience.

Posting should resume shortly. Thanks for your patience.