Delightful Herbs

I wasn't going to plant an herb garden until we moved, but obviously things changed. Not knowing when we would now move, I decided that I need to plant a little herb garden. I went to Lowe's to pick up some other items and browsed the herbs. I discovered to herbs I've never seen or planted before. They are culantro and greek basil, so what are they...

Culantro (eryngium foetidum) - It's an herb that is typically used in the Caribbean. I plan on using it as a substitute for cilantro {I couldn't find a cilantro plant}. Culantro smells and taste a lot like cilantro, but much stronger, so you don't need to use as much. I've very excited to use it because I love cilantro. In the second picture the culantro is the bottom left plant with the larger leaves.

Greek Basil or Spicy Globe Basil (Ocimum basilicum)- It's a small leaf bush variety of basil and you can use it just as you would sweet basil. I like how the small leaves won't overtake the rest of the herbs. In the past my basil plants tend to take over.
The last herb is thyme (bottom right). Have you ever used culantro or greek basil? What did you think?

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  1. You'll have to let me know about the Culantro. I love cilantro also and we tried growing it last year and it was an epic failure.