Sorry I haven't been around much. Last week was a rough week for me. Tomorrow was supposed to be our big close date on our current and the new house. Well, early last week we found out that our close date would have to be pushed back b/c the funding for the type of loan our buyer had been approved for ran out of money. It was a federal loan. The government did approve me funds for the organization and we were just waiting for the timeline of when the funds would be available. A few days later they started excepting applications again. The buyer had to have a new credit report run b/c his originally report had expired. He made a few errors along the way and got some really bad advice and missed the credit score cut off by 3 points! The loan was denied! So he couldn't buy our house and we couldn't buy the new house. We are back to square one, the house is officially back on the market. It's been hard, but we're moving forward and know that something great is out there for us. Now just have to have a little bit of patience.

Posting should resume shortly. Thanks for your patience.

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