Etsy Shop of the Week

I think these prints are adorable, they would be great in a childs room. You can find them at LJink's etsy shop.


My Sister's moving to Mexico!

My sister, Sarah, just graduated for North Carolina State University with a degree in Chemical Engineering...she's the smarty pants of the family. She received an offer from a large company called Schlumberger back in December and the position was going to be in Grand Junction, CO...my husband was excited about a free place to stay for ski season. They recently called and asked if she would be interested in an international position and she said why not. They just told her that she will now be working in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico. I can't believe my sister will be living in Mexico, we'll miss her a lot around here. Reynosa is actually very close to the States, located right on the Texas border new Corpus Christi, TX. This is going to be an amazing adventure for Sarah!

Delightful Bedroom

Who wouldn't want a bedroom that looks like this. Our bedroom is my next major project, it's really the only room in the house I haven't touched, so I've been looking through many bedroom images lately. I really like this room designed by Barrie Benson, she is a Charlotte, NC designer who has been featured in magazines like Domino. I enjoy her mix of traditional with contemporary and vintage pieces. I love the KWID Imperial trellis curtains, one of the fabrics I love, and the monogrammed bed linens, I'm a southern girl what can I say.


Pig Pickin'...Finally!

We had a wonderful time at our 3rd annual pig pickin', I would say it was a great success! We had a wonderful time with friends and family and lots and lots of puppies. As many of use don't have children yet our dogs are our babies. My mom did mention that the talk about babies at this pig pickin' was very different from the baby talk last pig pickin'...I think we will be surrounded by babies very soon. Anyway, I was finally able to upload some pictures of the event...yay! I also want to thank all of our wonderful friends for their help getting things ready and then helping with dreadful clean-up. We were blessed with great weather, even though it was suppose to rain all day. I've include a little view of what you missed...

Piling items on the kitchen table leading up to the big day. We did custom cups this year, it was custom koozies last year and who knows what it will be next year.

The 4 pans of my Aunt Mary's baked beans. We had 4 people putting these together. I'll include the recipe soon. Normally I'm not a big baked beans fan, but these are really yummy.

The pig master himself, my hubby, and his lovely yummy pig.

My mom brought me this little guy. It was a great old mental pig, perfect for the party. He hung out at the end of the drive way to make sure people made it to the right place.

So of course this year I just had to put 'Come Solute the Swine' on our invites...a week later we had the swine flu outbreak...great. So a friend suggested we provide swine flu shots, they were a hit. The swine flu shot was 2 parts tequila, 1 part midori, and 1 part sour mix.

The spread.

The homemade NC style BBQ sauce...yummy!

The dessert table grew as more people came!
The only actual puppy at the party, miss Lilly...I love how it looks like she has lips. I think we had about 7-8 dogs there at one time. Hope you enjoyed all the pictures and if your weren't there hopefully you can make it next year!


What we did Memorial Day Weekend

Notice the bright yellow bootie on Georgia's foot, well we spent Saturday morning at the vet. Our little one riped one of her toenails out a couple years ago. That was an experience in it's self. It looked like someone was murdered in our bed, it was pretty awful. Anyway, the nail did grow back, however she decided she wanted to crack that same nail. She was freaking out, so the vet had to sedate her to clip her nail. She came out of the back and my hubby and I started hysterically laughing b/c she's sooo out of it and has this bright yellow bootie on her foot...it matched her tennis ball. We were able to take the bootie off the next day and don't worry GA is completely back to normal. So, that was our big Memorial Day event. The rest of the weekend we just hang out and relaxed, it was quite nice.

This is my life...

Couldn't have found a better quote/print for my internet issues, see previous post...

{image found here}

Sorry for the Lack of Posts

I want to apologize for the lack of post. For me this blog is a place for me to capture images that I admire. Well, my Internet/computer at home doesn't like when I try to upload an image to blogger. At work I really don't have the time to post, plus I don't have all my images. It has been very frustrating for me as I want to share pictures from our Pig Pickin' and other adventures. So please bare with me as I try to get things resolved. In the meantime, check out the article featuring Courtney's, over at In(side) the Loop, house.

REFUELED: Issue 3: Pgs. 54-55


Georgia's Bday Present

It's hard to see, but Georgia's poor birthday present lasted about an hour before it looked like that. I even bought I duck that was suppose to be 'lab tested', well they didn't test it with our little shredder. She loves shredding...

That once was a full paper towel role

Wish List

I must say, I really really like this ring. You can find it on a site called ideeli.com, they have weekly discounts and giveaways on designer fashions. You have to join the site, but it's free.
Click here if you are interested in joining!


Georgia Peach is 3!

I can't believe it's been 3 years since this little, now huge, bundle of joy became ours. She has been a wonderful adventure for my husband and me. We love her to death and our life would be pretty boring without her. Happy Birthday GA!


Almost Pig Pickin' Time!!!

Busy getting ready for the Pig Pickin' this weekend! I'll be back later with pictures of the event...it's going to be fun! I'll also be back with a great baked beans recipe and Swamp tea.

P.S. You should check out Country Living's June issue, they have a great article on North Carolina BBQ written by one of their editors that is a Raleigh native and NC State Football fan!

{image from Country Living}


Etsy Shop of the Week

One of my favorite website to browse and shop is Etsy. It's a great site that is 'All things handmade', it let's anyone buy or sell any kind of item you could imagine...art, jewelry, children's clothes, furniture, vintage items, books, etc. I decided that I would feature a different etsy shop each week. I'll start with a favorite shop, Annechovie...

The artist, Anne Harwell, is very talented and I just love how she captures beautiful interiors with watercolors...2 things I love. It's perfect timing that I'm featuring her etsy shop b/c she's having a sale!!! Buy one print and get the second print free! Who doesn't love a buy one get one free event. Make sure you check it out soon, it ends Saturday. Below are just a few of the many prints she's offering.

Anne also is a fellow blogger and you can find her here. She does custom work too!
I might have to buy a few prints so I can create a great artwork cluster in my house...see the Annechovie print?!

{image found here}


Happy Mother's Day!

Mom, I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day! Thank you for all that you've done and all the you do for me. I am very grateful to have a mother like you! Had a great time with you Friday and Saturday. I love you!

{image from Absolutely Beautiful Things}


Introducing Lilly!

No, we didn't get a new puppy, but my sister did. Lilly is my new fury niece! There will be many more pictures to come of little Lilly.

P.S. Sorry for the lack of posts. I'm having problems uploading photos from my computer and I just can't post without pictures. Hopefully I'll have things figured out soon...it's very frustrating.


Animal Alphabet Prints - JHill Designs

I love these alphabet prints from JHill Design. If I was decorating a baby or child's room, I think I would have to have them all. I love the colors and animals that are used. I might just have to purchase one, we'll see. JHill Design also has a great line of prints titled Places I've Never Been, you should check them out too. I was lucky enough to get one for Christmas this past year.


Happy Friday!

{image via etsy shop Scarlet Beautiful 2 shop}

We're off to the mountains this weekend for one of my niece's birthdays. She'll be 5 years old and is having a spa party. It sounds like I'm going to maybe help with jewelry making, I'm interested to see what task my husband gets, and the birthday girl's dad is going to be the manicurist...this should be interesting, but lots of fun! If you want an idea of what my niece looks like, just picture Fancy Nancy red hair and all. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

If you've never heard of Fancy Nancy, it's a great series of children's books. The illustrations are amazing and full of vivid colors. There is also Fancy Nancy dolls, dress clothes, and games. Great gifts for that little girl in your life. You can find Fancy Nancy here.