Pig Pickin'...Finally!

We had a wonderful time at our 3rd annual pig pickin', I would say it was a great success! We had a wonderful time with friends and family and lots and lots of puppies. As many of use don't have children yet our dogs are our babies. My mom did mention that the talk about babies at this pig pickin' was very different from the baby talk last pig pickin'...I think we will be surrounded by babies very soon. Anyway, I was finally able to upload some pictures of the event...yay! I also want to thank all of our wonderful friends for their help getting things ready and then helping with dreadful clean-up. We were blessed with great weather, even though it was suppose to rain all day. I've include a little view of what you missed...

Piling items on the kitchen table leading up to the big day. We did custom cups this year, it was custom koozies last year and who knows what it will be next year.

The 4 pans of my Aunt Mary's baked beans. We had 4 people putting these together. I'll include the recipe soon. Normally I'm not a big baked beans fan, but these are really yummy.

The pig master himself, my hubby, and his lovely yummy pig.

My mom brought me this little guy. It was a great old mental pig, perfect for the party. He hung out at the end of the drive way to make sure people made it to the right place.

So of course this year I just had to put 'Come Solute the Swine' on our invites...a week later we had the swine flu outbreak...great. So a friend suggested we provide swine flu shots, they were a hit. The swine flu shot was 2 parts tequila, 1 part midori, and 1 part sour mix.

The spread.

The homemade NC style BBQ sauce...yummy!

The dessert table grew as more people came!
The only actual puppy at the party, miss Lilly...I love how it looks like she has lips. I think we had about 7-8 dogs there at one time. Hope you enjoyed all the pictures and if your weren't there hopefully you can make it next year!

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  1. I sure do hate that I missed it. Everything looks beautiful OF COURSE and completely yummy!