What we did Memorial Day Weekend

Notice the bright yellow bootie on Georgia's foot, well we spent Saturday morning at the vet. Our little one riped one of her toenails out a couple years ago. That was an experience in it's self. It looked like someone was murdered in our bed, it was pretty awful. Anyway, the nail did grow back, however she decided she wanted to crack that same nail. She was freaking out, so the vet had to sedate her to clip her nail. She came out of the back and my hubby and I started hysterically laughing b/c she's sooo out of it and has this bright yellow bootie on her foot...it matched her tennis ball. We were able to take the bootie off the next day and don't worry GA is completely back to normal. So, that was our big Memorial Day event. The rest of the weekend we just hang out and relaxed, it was quite nice.


  1. Awww poor GA! Raleigh sends her puppy love!

  2. Thanks for the puppy love Raleigh! You wouldn't know she was even hurt now.