Fantastic Customer Service

I came home from work on Friday and was greeted with a box sitting on the porch addressed to me. I was very curious as to what it was because I had not ordered anything. So, I ripped open the box to find a handwritten note and a Archipelago Botanicals candle from One Kings Lane. One Kings Lane is a great members only site with weekly home decor products and accessories at 70% off retail. You'll find names like Dwell Studios, Kate Spade, Juliska, Ankasa, Versace, Lunt Silversmiths, and many many more fabulous brands. Well, I had ordered a beautiful Juliska pitcher for a wedding present back in May and too my disappointment the vendor over sold...I didn't get the pitcher. One Kings Lane apologized over and over again for the inconvenience and gave me a $25 credit towards my next purchase. I was a little bummed, but knew I would continue to shop with them because of how upfront they were with me. So, I was completely surprised when they sent me a handwritten note and candle to apologize again! I have never received customer service like that before. It's really nice to get that kind of service from a world who only thinks about 'ME'. I highly recommend shopping with One King Lane! If you're not a member and would like to become a member, email me at lizzie61105@gmail.com and I will send you an email invitation. Thanks for the great customer service One Kings Lane!!!


  1. oh.my.gosh. how thoughtful of them. companies like that are few and far between. i knew i would be a fan when i first sighted that golden retriever on their homepage!

  2. Wow, what amazing people behind that company. I love them and have yet to make a purchase, but I am excited to know that the customer service will be over the top when I finally do :)