Big Week

It's a big week for my family, so posting may be limited as we prepare...
First, football season officially begins. On Thursday night North Carolina State University starts it's season against the University of South Carolina...GO PACK! My husband and I have been getting the house ready because it becomes the official hotel for all our friends during Wolfpack football season, we're one of the only couples left in Raleigh so everyone crashed with us. We also have to prepare for the big tailgate, and yes we're taking a day off work just to tailgate before the game. It's the start of a fun, but crazy time!
The North Carolina Agricultural and Mechanical College's football team in 1895. In the school's fourth year of football, the team finished 1-2-1. (Photograph courtesy of Special Collections, NCSU Libraries) {image from here}
Second, I'll be heading to New York City bright and early Friday morning with my mom and sisters for a girls weekend. We'll be starting the weekend by going to the US Tennis Open, and then shopping, shows, and good food.

{image from here}

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  1. They are doing great so far, I think we are going to the game this weekend. I just found your blog, it's lovely. Stop by and visit mine !