Laundry Room Update

So, for the last couple months I've been thinking that my laundry room needs an update and better organization. It's just so blah right now. My husband has been getting on me b/c it's always a mess, well, maybe if I spruce it up I'll actually want to do laundry and keep the space organized. I don't have a very big laundry room, but I have a LOT of stuff stuffed into the space. Our house doesn't have a linen closest, so a lot of the linens end up in the laundry room. I love the vibrant colors (I LOVE blue & green) in the laundry room pictured above, and the crisp white seems to keep everything clean. The orange shade is a good way to incorporate the orange, which I would have a heard time committing to in a larger scale. This may have to go on my winter house project list.

{image via here}


  1. I'm loving the tile backsplash. That certainly jazzes up a laundry room!

  2. I kinda like doing laundry as it is, but doing it in this room would be awesome. I might never leave :)