It's been crazy...

It's been awhile. We've had a fun, happy, thankful, angry, stressed couple of weeks.

First, some good news, we signed a contract on your current house! Second, we found a new house and are under contract! We close on both houses in a few weeks. I'm really looking forward to designing the interiors of the new house and working on some projects! Most of the rooms I have a blank canvas to work with, but a few major paint job rooms...

Don't you love the Steelers room and the awesome 80s furniture!

Then, we enjoyed a wonderful weekend celebrating dear Amy & Ray's Wedding! The bride was beautiful!

I also got to hang out with old and new friends. Below are two new sweet fun friends and fellow bloggers!

Me & Catherine
Sarah & Me

And to the not so fun times.

It took the buyers a week and half to return their 'wish list' items from the house inspection. To our horror we discovered that we have snakes in our attic! Needless to say we did not sleep well that night. We were very upset that the inspection, buyer's agent or the buyers didn't bother to tell us about the snakes as soon as they were found. Of course the snakes were not there a week and a half after they were spotted during the inspection when the pest control guy came to check things out. We did find out that snakes are actually very common in attics, they are natures pest control. Most of the time they are in the attic because that's where the food source is, mice and rats! Good new is, the pest control guy said it didn't look like they were living in the attic b/c he didn't find any skins and no signs of mice. He said they were probably just cooling off on a hot day. He fixed the area where he thought they entered from. I am not including the picture of the snakes, but email me if you would like to see them (lizzie61105{at}gmail.com).

The other fun time was the morning after we found out about the snakes. My husband left bright an early that morning for Chicago. I came downstairs to start calling the pest control companies. I walked into the living room to find water leaking from the ceiling, we had a giant leak! It was all a little overwhelming, I just stood there and cried for a minute. Thankfully everything has been taken care of. Hopefully the house will hold up for a few more weeks!

Hoping this week goes a little smoother!

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  1. Had so much fun seeing you at the wedding! Can't wait for more posts on the new house (and all that you do with it!)