I've let my blog...

...shrivel up and die! Sorry about that. It's been a busy couple months and I've been a little unmotivated when it's come to the blog. I think I'm back, hopefully I'm back.

July I stayed busy prepping and throwing a baby shower for my best friend. We had such a blast and now she has a beautiful baby boy.

We had a jungle theme shower and the zebra print table cloth was definitely the best part of the party. Here are a few pictures of the event, hope you enjoy. Oh, and this was the very first baby shower I've ever thrown, but I already have 2 more on the horizon...babies are everywhere, I love it!
The shower was at my mom's house.


  1. Love that table cloth! Where is it from?

    Such a cute shower, and glad to see that you are back to blogging!

  2. Thanks Katherine!
    I just bought about 4 yrds of fabric from http://www.premierprintsfabric.com/collection.shtml. Then I just trimmed the edges to make sure there wasn't any fraying, so easy!