Valentine's Day Traditions

Do you have any Valentine's Day traditions? Growing up we always had a special dinner. My mom would decorate the table and get us some little valentine treats. The meal would also be something we didn't get all the time, like a good steak! My sisters and I always looked forward to this special dinner. My husband and I have continued this tradition. We didn't start continuing the tradition until after we got married, but we've done it every year since we've been married. We decorate the table and cook something we wouldn't normally cook. The last couple years we even switched it up a little more where one year I planned the menu and fixed everything and the next year it was his turn to do the same. We've enjoyed these special dinners and look forward to adding a family member to next years special dinner. I've include a couple pictures from the night. We kept it pretty low key this year on the food side, but it was still so yummy. We (really Dan because my back was killing me) made Penne a la Betsy via Pioneer Woman's cookbook. It was so yummy and so easy, definitely recommend trying. For dessert we made oreo milkshakes. I was going to make Pioneer Woman's Red Velvet Cake, but wasn't quite in the mood to bake. I think I'll try tackling that this weekend. So, what are some of your Valentine's Day traditions?

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