NC State 'F.R.O.G'

So, my husband and I love our house, but have talked about doing some major things to it if we decide to stay in it for a long while. When we bought the house one of the biggest compromises was no garage, it had been high on our 'what we want' list. We've been throwing around the idea of adding a garage addition to the house,we have the perfect lot to add on, but don't want to do it if we're only go to stay in the house a couple more years. If we decide to stay in the house and do the addition, were going to do it right and also add a F.R.O.G (finished room over garage). I even want to add bathroom to the FROG. One day my husband and I were talking about the FROG and he cutely asked if it could be a NC State room...that's our alma mater. I told him that it could be the NC State room, but that it would be done very tastefully, so that everyone could enjoy the room and we wouldn't scare the guest who might stay in the room. I'm always looking for ideas for our red and white NC State room and recently ran across these images...

{Images from here and here}


  1. Cute! I want a tasteful NC State room one day too!

  2. LOVE that sofa. I can so see that in your FROG. BTW I love that acronym!!