I finally did it!

So, I've just discovered this whole world of blogs in the last couple months. OK, so I've always heard about blogs, but never paid much attention to them. Now I spend too much time reading and browsing blogs. I really appreciate the people that share their thoughts, inspirations, hardships, and 'what nots' with the world. I want to break out of my shell and do the same, so here I go....

Delightfully random thoughts, ideas, loves, inspirations, pictures, and on and on...


  1. Hi Lizzie and thanks so much for the official introduction on my blog! And welcome to the blogworld. It's the most incredible support group you could have ever wished for and I look forward to reading more of your finds. And Georgia is quite the looker!

  2. I love that you shared this with me!! I miss seeing you. I hope you, Dan, and Georgia are all doing well!!! Hopefully I will see you soon!