Organization Project

Can you guess what I'm going to make with the above items? Well, I'm going to use the items above to create a catch all for mail, cell phones, sunglasses, bags, shoes, etc. I love our house, but we don't have a entry way large enough to designate a place for the everyday items like car keys. Right now everything gets dumped on our kitchen table or kitchen counter tops, and I'm about to go crazy! I was reading through one of Martha Stewart's little good things catalogues and she had some storage solutions for everyday items. One item gave me the idea to create a portable entry way table to catch everything as we come into the house. It will be located in a not so typical place, but I'll be able to hide it when company comes. Stay tuned for the end results!

{Items found at Lowe's, Anthropologie, Ikea, & PotteryBarn}

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